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Translation & Chinese Teaching

Danyan provides translation services between 7 different languages (English, Chinese, Finnish, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese) and one-on-one Chinese language lessons。

Our own experienced language experts can meet your needs for business and everyday life. The languages covered include English, Chinese, Finnish, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese. Our legal and commercial background produces a far better quality document than a machine translation. We can offer useful tips concerning the procedures and legal risks of various matters as a value-added service.

We also provide customized Chinese language lessons to both adults and children. No matter the initiative is to better serve Chinese tourists or partners, or just purely having interests on Chinese culture and philosophy. The lessons will be taught online by our experienced Chinese teachers, who hold the qualification certificate of “teaching Chinese as a foreign language” issued by the Ministry of Education of PRC.

Translation Service

  • Written translation (Documents, certificates, menus, etc.)
  • Oral translation (in-person& on-site service)
  • Video Subtitling (Subtitles and Transcriptions)
  • Website Localization (E-commerce site)

Subtitles and Transcription Services

  • Corporate promotional videos
  • Music videos
  • Video ads
  • Corporate social media channels
  • Video tutorials and lessons
  • Seminar transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Medical/scientific transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Police transcription

Video is becoming an ever-present medium in the digital era, whether it’s social media campaigns, video tutorials, or webinars. Consumers and businesses are creating, watching, and sharing more and more videos.

Danyan can handle every stage of your video subtitling project, with a particular focus on any specific requirements you may have. If you do not already have subtitles in the original language, we will offer you our transcription service first, giving us a base to work from in order to create the translation.

Website Translations

  • Personal websites
  • Photo sharing websites
  • Writers / authors websites
  • Community building websites
  • Mobile device websites
  • Blogs
  • Informational websites
  • Online business brochure
  • Directory websites
  • E-commerce websites

Our website translation services utilize several ways to carry out the translation process:

1. Translation of original files

We can translate directly into your website’s source code (HTML, PHP, XML, or any other format) while respecting tag integrity. This solution is ideal for a quick turnaround, as it does not require the manual integration of texts into source files once the translation is delivered.

2. Translation of content in text format

We can translate the website contents in any editable text format (such as Word or Excel). On request, we can also localize all the multimedia content of your website. (images, graphics, downloadable pdfs, etc.)

3. Translation within a CMS

If your website is managed by a CMS (WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop, etc.), we can insert the translations within the latter, via API or directly within the system if you provide us with access. Once you have inserted the translation into your staging site or into production, we can check the content in its final context to assess the need to adapt the content to the layout, on request and free of charge.

Language Teaching Service

  • Chinese language lessons
  • Chinese calligraphy lessons
  • Chinese culture& society lessons
  • Chinese business culture introduction

Fees and Billing

For translation services, clients can pay within 10 days after receiving the translated manuscripts or on-site translation service. For Chinese teaching services, we charge on an hourly basis and the bill will be sent to the clients monthly. For the convenience of the payment, we accept Alipay, PAYPAL, credit card and bank transfer.