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Danyan Advisory Oy (Finland) Co.Ltd (ID: 3175095-5) is a consulting company based in Rovaniemi, Finland. We provide comprehensive services aiming to promote Sino-Finland trade and bilateral investment. We assist Finnish tech companies find best IT talents from China. We help smooth the relocation process for our clients moving to China. We support our clients by delivering the advice, analysis, advocacy, and access which they need to seize the China opportunity. Our services are delivered in English, Finnish and Chinese.

Trade & Investment in China

Danyan can support you to find the correct pathway for market entry, demystifying the challenges and opportunities to start your journey exporting to and importing from China. Danyan will also work with you closely if you are willing to make investment in China.

China IT Talents Acquisition

Danyan helps Finnish companies search for IT talents from Greater China region, assisting candidates in applying for work visa and relocating to Finland.  

China Visa & Relocation

Danyan will give those who are going to work in China professional advice on visa & permits processes, assist finding accommodations, and help to settle-in once you arrive.

Translation & Chinese Teaching

Danyan can provide our clients tailored paper translation services as well as onsite language support on obtaining certain licenses and permits upon request.