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China Visa & Relocation

Danyan helps you apply for the right visa, get proper permits and smooth your relocation to China.

Are you interested in working in China? There are all sorts of opportunities for the expat who wants to work in China. Since reliable and engaging work is often scarce in most big cities in the West, why not try getting a job in China? There are unlimited numbers of job opportunities in China for foreigners especially in first tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou.

For many expats, what makes China attractive are the opportunities due to its position as the second largest economy in the world. According to the HSBC’s 2017 Expat Explorer Global Report, a move to China offers expats numerous advantages in career development as well as income.

Our Services

Our thorough understanding of the policy and procedure of the Chinese work permit system, together with the experience and widespread local partners, we provide both individuals and companies moving to China the following services:

  • Advice on proper Chinese visa & assist the application process   
  • Advice on moving and shipping your goods to China
  • Advice on Chinese work permit and resident permit
  • Assistance to find a place to live
  • Assistance to review various contracts in Chinese
  • Advice on healthcare, insurance, schooling, etc.

How it Works

  1. Submit your services request form indicating which of our services you want more information about.
  2. Our consultants will reach out to you with more information. After purchasing the services, you will be contacted by us or our partners in China who will deliver part of services agreed in the Agreement.
  3. If additional services needed such as in-person help in your destination Chinese city, you can purchase those services directly from our partners.

Get your Chinese work and residence permits

All foreigners, except those with permanent resident status in China (“Chinese green card” holders), may only work in China with prior permission of the relevant authorities.

The immigration and labor registration procedures include six steps:

  1. Do medical examination before applying for Chinese visa;
  2. Get the work permit Notice from your employer in China;
  3. Get a single entry “Z” Visa from the Chinese Embassy;
  4. Get temporary residence registration with local police office;
  5. Get your work permit; and
  6. Get your residence permit.

Sample Work Permit

Sample Residence Permit

A Residence Permit functions as a multi-entry Chinese visa, which will enable the foreigner to stay in China for a certain period of time (normally one year) and to exit and re-enter China for international travel within this period.

Danyan helps our clients get their residence permit and settle down in China. For more information regarding housing, shipping belongings (pets included) healthcare, education, taxes & banks issues in China, please contact us at:

Fees and Billing

For Chinese visa, permit and relocation related services, we will charge on a flat-fee basis. The fee varies according to the workload and the complexity of the case. For some unusual cases we also charge fees on an hourly basis after discussion with the clients. The visa and other applicable fees are clearly indicated so that our clients understand the totality of the costs associated with the work that has been requested.

Generally, payment is due upfront to initiate the case. An invoice will be sent with the amount due, once we have engaged the service agreement with our clients.

Get a Fee Quote by Email

We will use your eMail address only to send you the information you request. Depending upon the nature of your request, a Client Services representative may contact you directly using the phone number you provide. Your contact information will not be shared or given to others.  Refer to our privacy policy for more detail.

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